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Histology of Skeletal Muscle

Histology of Skeletal Muscle

Author: Aaron Mullally

- know that the main function of muscle is movement

- know what the word contract/contraction means

- know where you find skeletal muscle

- know what the term myocyte is

- know that skeletal muscle cells are as long as the belly of the muscle

- know that the word striation means stripped or stripes

- be able to identify striations

- be able to identify skeletal muscle by its morphological characteristics

This packet is about the histology of skeletal muscle. This packet will show you the morphological characteristics of skeletal muscle tissue that you need to know in order to identify it under a microscope. You will also learn about the basic functions of skeletal muscle in here as well.

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Overview of Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal muscle
- skeletal muscle cells (myocytes) travel the entire length of the muscle belly, making them the longest of the three types of muscle
- skeletal myocytes are multinucleated
- they are striated in appearance, which means if you look at them you'll see alternating light and dark bands created by the different thick and thin proteins within them
- skeletal myocytes are tightly packed with some space in between them
- skeletal muscle is voluntary, we have conscious control over it
- skeletal muscle is use to pull on bones to create movements and facial expressions, used for breathing by pulling up and out on the ribs, for maintaining posture and for swallowing

Source: The mind of Aaron

Histology of Skeletal Muscle

This video goes over the histology of skeletal muscle with images

Source: Self made with images from Marieb and

Skeletal Muscle Images

Here are some images of skeletal muscle for you to study. Can you identify any other tissues in these pictures?