History Is In The Art!

History Is In The Art!

Author: Lindsay Rigby

To gain a knowledge of history through art pieces, takes a special eye for detail. The purpose of this site is for a student to become aware of expression, invention, and trends of history. All of this can be done by taking a closer look at the art of the time period.

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What was renaissance art?

Hans Holbein the Younger

Leonardo Da Vinci

Renaissance Art (Italian vs. Northern)

There are many differences and similarities between the northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance. Many think of the renaissance being strictly Italian, but what they don't know is the north build their own. Enlightenment was happening everywhere, religion was in the process of reforming, and people turned to art to make the change into the modern world.

Italian Renaissance

Source: Kahn Academy

Northern Renaissance Art

Source: Kahn Academy

Compare and Contrast

What are the similarities and dfferences between the two renaissance locations. What makes them identified as separate movements?