History of African American Spirituals

History of African American Spirituals

Author: LaKedria Lozano

Explore the history of African American ( Negro Spirituals)

Listen to selected songs and be able discuss them.

This course will enable you to gain knowledge of spirituals and their history.

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Watch this presentation on this history of African American ( Negro) Spirituals.

Source: Llozano 2014

Listening Guide

When listening to the following pieces. Pay attention to these key elements.

1. Dialect

2. Expression

3. Musical Influence

4. Text


*. Note that all performers have their own way of interpreting the pieces. This is what makes this music special.*

Source: Llozano 2014

Songs for listening

Listen to the following songs, ( Links provided) Use the listening guide to help you

Swing Low Sweet Chariot


Sometimes I feel like a motherless child


He’s Got the Whole World in his Hand


Source: All Videos are property of those who created them. Youtube.com