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History of Denmark in a Comparative Perspective - Education and Culture in Denmark

History of Denmark in a Comparative Perspective - Education and Culture in Denmark

Author: Lars Pedersen

The objectives (goals) of the project work are the following (Goals - as understood in the Danish school context are "concepts/issues" to be measured during (formative evaluation) or at the end of the work (summative evaluation)

  1. Learn for yourself a Danish historical subject/episode/period and see that in a comparative analysis to your own country - you can use the texts provided or you may find literature yourself
  2. Learn how to use Flip the Classroom as a hands on experience
  3. Learn from your colleagues - as you will experience their presentations
  4. Learn the pedagogical tools in to professionalize your next "praktik" experience in Denmark. 


The purpose of the objectives are the following (Purpose goes further then goals - can follow you for the rest of your life/teacher life)

Ad. 1. By learning about the history of a country you also learn where the culture is rooted - And by analyzing this to your own country; cultural differences between you and the Danes will be clearer and more concrete, since you know the historical roots of the Danes- or at least one of several - roots. You will learn to respect other human beings since you will experience how their cultural differences are a product of their history. Which is a valuable lesson since pupils also need to learn this aspect in the "Folkeskole", since "ligeværd" is one of the Purposes of the "objects clause" (formålsparagraf) of the Danish "Folkeskole"

Ad. 2. You will be able to evaluate and go into class discussions in Education and Culture on how to enhance learning by using Flip the Classroom - all that in a democratic fashion where you will listen and judge an argument on its validation and not on your personal belief.

Ad. 3. You will experience how colleagues can inspire you and give you new insights - which also is a valuable lesson, since pupils also need to learn this in the Danish "Folkeskole", since democracy is one of the purposes in the object clause of the "Folkeskole"

​Ad. 4. By learning new pedagogical ICT tools you will experience how different methods of learning (Variety of Instructional Methods according to Hilbert Meyer - can be a motivational factor in the process of learning.

“A historical fact/episode/period in Danish history and the history of your country”


The presentation must be presented in “flip the classroom” –

Take a Flipped Classroom certificate (Not  obligatory)


The presentations can be made in Danish… or English


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The assignment presented in a Screen Cast from


Below you find the instruction for the project work:

And short introduction to the literature:

Take care - and enjoy the work!