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4 Tutorials that teach History of Psychology: Psychodynamic & Neo-Freudians
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History of Psychology: Psychodynamic & Neo-Freudians

History of Psychology: Psychodynamic & Neo-Freudians


This lesson will introduce the methods, people, and theories of Psychoanalysis and Neo-Freudians and their contributions to the origins of field of psychology.

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History pf Psychology: Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic

Source: Video Images: Freud: public domain;; Freud iceberg: public domain;; Freud and Jung: public domain;; Alfred Adler: public domain;; Erikson: public domain;; Anna Freud:public domain;; Karen Horney: public domain;

Terms to Know

Someone in the field of psychology who accepts Freud’s theory for the most part, but adds their own unique ideas and benefits.


Freudian psychodynamic therapy that attempts to uncover unconscious conflict.

Psychodynamic Theory

A psychological theory of behavior that examines the role of the unconscious and internal conflicts.