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History of Psychology: Psychodynamic & Neo-Freudians

History of Psychology: Psychodynamic & Neo-Freudians


This lesson will introduce the methods, people, and theories of Psychoanalysis and Neo-Freudians and their contributions to the origins of field of psychology.

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Introduction to Psychology

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History pf Psychology: Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic

Source: Video Images: Freud: public domain; http://bit.ly/T1yVKp; Freud iceberg: public domain; http://bit.ly/TA0xEv; Freud and Jung: public domain; http://bit.ly/TXE9qr; Alfred Adler: public domain; http://bit.ly/TCJQ8X; Erikson: public domain; http://bit.ly/TXE0Dw; Anna Freud:public domain; http://bit.ly/SYU7A1; Karen Horney: public domain; http://bit.ly/RV6Oua

  • Psychodynamic Theory

    A psychological theory of behavior that examines the role of the unconscious and internal conflicts.

  • Psychoanalysis

    Freudian psychodynamic therapy that attempts to uncover unconscious conflict.

  • Neo-Freudian

    Someone in the field of psychology who accepts Freud’s theory for the most part, but adds their own unique ideas and benefits.