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History of the Voting Rights Act

History of the Voting Rights Act

Author: Lauren Rodriguez
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On your 1/2 Sheet of Paper

Directions: Respond to the following questions on your 1/2 Sheet of paper. 

  • DO NOT rewrite the questions
  • DO number your answers
  • DO NOT need evidence, but you can answer with a direct quote. Just be sure to put quotation marks around it if you do. 

  1. What did the 14th Amendment say?
  2. What did the 19th Amendment say? Who was left out of the 19th Amendment?
  3. List 3 ways Racist White Americans prevented Black Americans from voting
  4. what impact did the Civil Rights Act have on voting rights?
  5. How did the march in Selma impact Black Americans getting the right to vote?
  6. What does the Voting Rights Act say?
  7. What is Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act? <-- This is what the Supreme Court cut out of the act in 2013