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History of Theatre

History of Theatre

Author: Ashley Martins

Visual & Performing Arts Standards, Theatre, Grade Seven:

3.2     Compare and contrast various theatre styles throughout history, such as those of Ancient Greece, Elizabethan theatre, Kabuki theatre, Kathakali dance theatre, and commedia

This tutorial is designed for seventh grade students.

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Kabuki Performance

This is an example of a traditional Kabuki performance.

Source: Sadler Wells Theatre. 6/13/2010. Kabuki Featuring Ebizo Ichikawa XI.

Commedia dell' arte

This video gives a brief overview of Commedia dell' arte, another type of theater.

Source: National Theatre Discover. (10/6/2011). Commedia Dell' Arte: A Historical Overview.

Modern Theater

This video is a clip of the popular Broadway musical "Wicked".

Source: Broadwaycom. (3/9/2011). Show Clip-Wicked-Popular-Original Cast.

The Big Question

How do the descriptions and video examples of various types of theater differ? How are they alike?