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hiv broadly neutralizing antibodies

hiv broadly neutralizing antibodies

Author: creative biolabs

hiv broadly neutralizing antibodies

Creative Biolabs Laboratories are dedicated to serving life science research clients through our global operations networks. Creative Biolabs is internationally renowned as a leader of neutralizing antibody (NeutraAB) discovery and custom service, providing high-quality NeutraABs and expert services for NeutraAB analysis to the customers in academia and industry fields all over the world. During the past decade, thousands of NeutraABs have been isolated and expressed. These antibodies are now guiding the design of novel vaccine candidate for virus infection or used for biological therapeutics in any class of large molecule drugs. Creative Biolabs' unparalleled skill in mammalian cell (293F or CHO) transient transfection and transient transfection platform enables us to provide a wide range of NeutraABs with high-quality in short time.

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