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HLA Body Sentences, & Transitions (Paragraph/Summary concept 3)

HLA Body Sentences, & Transitions (Paragraph/Summary concept 3)

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of this tutorial you should know how to:

1. Expand your body sentences, adding detail and description.

2. Effectively use transitions, in new and different ways. 


Work on supporting detail, and effective transitions in a simple paragraph.

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Body Sentences, Transitions

Work on supporting detail, effective transitions in a simple paragraph.

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Do you have this paragraph in your notes yet? You need it to do some of the activities in your notes!

Though there are many special people in my life, my mother is my favorite. One reason I love her is that she spoils me rotten. I can always talk her into cooking my favorite tacos with mounds of shredded cheese. Mom also teaches me things that help me succeed in life. She reminds me to be polite and kind to others, and to keep a smile on my face. Another reason my mom is great is that she is so nice to my friends. All the kids in our neighborhood love to hang out at my house. My mom talks to them and treats them special. She makes cookies, drives us places we need to go, and offers advice when asked. No doubt about it, my mom is the best!


Source: Created by Nichole Carter, original idea from Crystal Kirch

Adding Details to Stories and Essays (only read if you need more help on adding more details and description)

Source: From website Suite 101 written by Doris Keeler

Transitional Words and Phrases (read only if you need more explanation or help on transitions)