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HLA Components of a Paragraph (concept 1)

HLA Components of a Paragraph (concept 1)

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of tonights tutorial you should be able to correctly identify the three main components of a paragraph.


You will be able to answer the following essential questions:

1. What is a paragraph?

2. What makes a good paragraph?

3. What are the three main components of a paragraph?

4. What are the differences between a proficient paragraph, a mastery paragraph, and an expert paragraph?

Students start the year working on review of basic paragraph structure and translate that into summaries of nonfiction text. We use the "Name It, Verb It, Big Picture" and Jot Dots from The Write Tools. These strategies are all very easy to recreate no matter what subject you are in when you are asked to write a summary of a text. 


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2. Sign into sophia, make an account, so you can keep track of your quiz points!
3. Watch the video and take notes! Remember take notes whenever you see the pencil!
4. Complete the Digital WSQ! You must hit submit for me to see your answers!

Video file instead of youtube for tonight's homework!

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Components of a Paragraph

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Do you have this paragraph in your notes yet? You need it to do some of the activities in your notes!

When I'm hungry, and crave a little something between meals, my mom wants to make sure I have a healthy snack. One choice she approves of is fruit. I'm always allowed to have apples, pears, and grapes that are in the refrigerator. Have you ever eaten frozen grapes? Seedless, icy grapes taste like little purple popsicles. Yum! sometimes we pop popcorn. My mom uses an air popper because she says the popcorn is better for me. When Mom's around, no butter is allowed on the popcorn at our house. Once in awhile  Dad and I melt a tiny bit of butter and drizzle it over the top. Another snack Mom goes for is carrot and celery sticks. When I dip them in ranch dressing or peanut butter, they are quite tasty. Finally, I enjoy eating raisins and nuts. We keep a big jar where they are mixed together in a squishy and crunchy combination. These scrumptious and nutritious treats are just what I need to tame the between­ meal tummy-monster.


Source: Created by Nichole Carter, original idea from Crystal Kirch