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Brief Description:Select a Case Study (from the “Case Studies” document); conduct an assessment, make recommendations and create a sample meal plan to best meet the individual’s nutritional needs.
Details: After completion of Modules/Weeks 1-2, discussion of the various nutritional needs throughout the lifecycle and/or for various lifestyle choices will have occurred. This assignment involves selecting one of the following case studies:
·       Female marathon runner
·       Male baseball player
·       Pregnant female
·       Elderly male
·       Toddler boy
The information on each of these individuals is found in the document titled:  “Discussion Board Forum 2 Case Studies” (located in Bb in the same area as these instructions).  For the case study selected, a 3-part template will be completed: Assessment, Recommendations and a Sample Day Meal Plan.
Part 1: Assessment
Based upon the information presented in the selected case study, identify and discuss (as indicated) the following points:
·       BMI
·       BMI weight classification
·       Identify nutritional needs. (Identify at least 3 nutritional needs - see Assignment Expectations below.) Include a brief statement of why this need is being identified referencing the pertinent information from the case study.
·       Identify risks to the individual for the identified nutrient needs. Reference your textbook as needed to support information presented.
·       Evaluate activity and exercise level.  Please do not simply list their activity and exercise.  Evaluate their overall activity - sedentary, low, moderate, high, etc.
Part 2: Recommendations
Based upon the information presented in the selected case study and your Assessment, identify and discuss (as indicated) the following points:
·       Weight goal recommendation: maintain, gain, loss.
·       Identify daily caloric amount/range; briefly explain why selected.
·       List specific nutrition recommendations (i.e. to match the identified nutrient needs in the Assessment) with brief explanations as needed.
·       State a recommendation for activity and exercise including appropriate types of activity/exercise as necessary.
Part 3: Sample Meal Plan
Based upon the information presented in the selected case study, your Assessment and your Recommendations, plan a Sample Meal Plan as follows:
·       Create a meal plan for one (1) day.
·       Plan a day to best meet the individual’s needs (i.e. no set number of meals or snacks are required; plan to best nourish the individual).
·       Make certain this single day matches (in reasonable proximity) your caloric recommendation.
·       Options for completing the Sample Meal Plan:
1.     Use iProfile. Go into iProfile and select a day that is blank (the date does not matter). Enter all food and fluid on this date. Go to REPORTS and select “Intake Compared to DRI” to identify the calories (under My Intake) for this planned day. (NOTE: Unless you change the Profile Setup, this DRI comparison is to your profile, not the individual for the case study. This procedure is just to obtain the caloric information not to compare to the DRI.) Go to REPORTS and select “Food Journal Summary”; create this report into a PDF.
2.     Create a table in Word or Excel and type in the food items arranged by meals and/or snacks. To determine caloric level, you will need to calculate each food item by using your textbook or online resources. (HINT: Using iProfile should be much easier than this option.)
·       Discussion of the Sample Meal Plan: Submit the caloric information in the Case Study Template and briefly explain key components of your meal plan (i.e. briefly point out the connections between the individual’s nutrient needs and the sample meal plan). If Meal Plan is in PDF or Excel, upload into the Bb Forum. If Meal Plan is in Word, you may copy into the Template or upload into the Bb Forum.

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