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HLWW Chemical Safety Training for Teachers

HLWW Chemical Safety Training for Teachers


 OSHA standard 29CRF 1910.1200(h) requires employers to prove employees with effective information and training on hazerdous chemicals in their workplace.  This tutorial is intended to be used with science teachers at the middle and high school level.

Middle and High School Lab Safety for teachers.  Includes videos, forms to complete, and articles to read.  Not intended for use by students.  Focuses on teacher's duty of care and not on individual lab safety "rules."

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Welcome HLWW Science Teachers

 Follow the directions below to complete the Safety Training "packet."  Please complete by the end of Sept.  THANKS!

General Science Safety Considerations

Please print this form, complete it, and return it to me. Some things may not apply to your particular room.


Lab Inspection Checklist

This form is similar to the last one. You will see some crossover between the two. Please print, complete and return to me. Again, some parts of this form will not be applicable to you.


Student Injury Log

Print a copy. Keep record of any injury no matter how minute. Return to me at the end of the year.


Most Common OSHA CItations

Great information here.


Flinn Scientific Safety Videos

According to the new OSHA standards by December 2013 your employer (your school or district) must provide training for teachers and staff to help you recognize and understand the new elements of the GHS labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). By watching the free 20 minute video below, and taking a short assessment, you will fulfill the GHS training requirement under the new OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Once your training is completed you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion for your records.  Please give me a paper copy of your certificate for our records.

There are many videos on this link.  To get to the correct video click on the link, create an account, then click on GHS CERTIFICATION TRAINING (one of the tabs on the top menu).  Watch the video and complete the assessment.

Any Questions?

If you have specific questions about lab safety, chemical hazards, protective equipment, etc.  Please feel free to email or call me.  There are also many other great resources at

I hope you have a great school year!