Home Health Overview

Home Health Overview

Author: Kathy Girard

By the end of this section the student will:

1. define the purpose of home health care

2. list five services offered by home health

3. describe the differences in home health and other facilities

4. list 10 tasks a home health aide might have



The Home Health overview will explain the need for and the different services that are offered in home health care. It will also describe the role of the home health aide, the tasks that might be assigned and the need to organize those tasks most efficiently.

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Click on this link to see the Home Health Overview presentation

Source: Kathy Girards's Prezi

Home Health Client's Bill of Rights

This is a list of a patient's rights

Full Screen

Source: National Association for Home Care

Home Health Overview Review

Answer the questions based on the lecture material

Source: Kathy Girard