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Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet will review:
-What the world knows historically about Homer
-The historical significance of Homer
-Information about The Iliad and The Odyssey
-How to read these texts
-Key historical contexts
-The impact of Homer's literature upon the world and upon writing in general

-This packet will include a highly engaging and informative slide show detailing historical information about Homer and his texts, as well as the impact of Homer upon the world in terms of how we read and write. The packet also includes several clips detailing the impact of Homer upon our popular culture.

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Homer: Origins of Literature

This is a highly informative slide show detailing the life, literary works, and historical impact/context of Homer.

Source: Rebecca Oberg, other sources cited in slide show

Historical Context for the Works of Homer

This short clip offers some important insights into the historical context of the time in which Homer was writing, explaining some of the oddities of the text in a modern way.

Source: YouTube

The Odyssey: Plot and Themes Summarized

This is a highly engaging, very informative overview of the plot and major themes of Homer's well-known work The Odyssey.

Source: YouTube

The Odyssey Film Trailer (1997)

This is the trailer for the 1997 film adaptation of Homer's The Odyssey. I think it gives a great teaser for some of the overarching themes and ideas in the text. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube