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Homework, Websites, and More … Oh my!

Homework, Websites, and More … Oh my!

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use the following items easily:

  • Mrs. Davis' website
  • Finding homework, flip assignments, and tutorials
  • Pegasus Team Calendar
  • The Five Ps for LMS

Where's my homework?  Oh no!  I left it at school!  Now what?  Never fear; the homework pages are usually linked up to the website and/or this video tutorial.  All you need to do is download it at home and print.  It's a waste of paper, and you should be ashamed for being forgetful or disorganized, but at least you can do something about it now.  :)

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Using Team and Teacher Websites

Click here to download and print another copy of today's homework:  Using Team and Teacher Websites.

Don't Forget to Take the Quiz!

Whenever you see quiz questions, like the ones on the right of this page, make sure you review them carefully!  They are likely to be the same questions you will see on the classroom test in a few days!

Homework, Websites, and More ... Oh My!

This video will guide you through the corresponding worksheet, "Using Team and Teacher Websites." You will be able to access this video anytime you might need a refresher. Take time to share it with your parents as well.

NOTE: You may have to turn up the volume to hear well.