Honduras Ipad Use

Honduras Ipad Use


Encourage Honduras proessors to use ipads as tool of educations. As well encourage syudents to help them with fine arts and their needs in basic school.

Ipads have prove to be efficent in education. it helps to develop mental skills faster, since the students learn both, studying and playing. Often using flipped classroom help also to have more face'to'face time with the students. the period of learning is shorter but more wider and efficent.

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Technology also helps....

How usage of IPad help students learning.

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Source: www.apple.com

Students and Teacher

In Honduras a 50% of student flunk one of their first 6 grades. THis reflect the fault of improving in learning teachers are not doing a good job, or students have decrease their capacity of learning. Since we can not identify the reason we present IPad usage as a response for those problems. It will help teacher create a better system of teaching and help students learn faster.