Honors Bio Class Resources

Honors Bio Class Resources

Author: Jennifer Fermin

Here you will find important information and class forms

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WELCOME to Honors Biology

Welcome to Honors BIOLOGY 

I'm very excited to share the experience of Honors Biology  with you this year! 

A little about me. I was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa and grew up surrounded by many creatures. A leopard, a hippo, chimps, monkeys and deer, to name a few, shared my home. Because of this amazing experience I have always been passionate about animals. I have Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies and Biology and a Masters degree in Conservation Biology. Before becoming a teacher I worked many years as a primatologist for such great organizations as Conservation International, the IUCN and the DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests. 

I have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, and a wonderful husband. I continue to have a herd of creatures at home (not so exotic though). I have 10 dogs, 4 cats, 5 ferrets, and 3 fish! In my spare time (not much of that), I enjoy being anywhere near the ocean (in it or under it), reading and being with my family. I also volunteer for a dog rescue organization called Dogs on the Move. 

I LOVE to teach and I hope that I will inspire you to enjoy biology this year! 

You are always welcome to email me at:       jennifer.fermin@browardschools.com

LETS GET STARTED!!  Welcome to the study of LIFE !

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Teacher Information

Name: Mrs. Fermin

Room: 259

E-Mail:     jennifer.fermin@browardschools.com

Available for extra help:  after school (by appointment) 


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Honors Biology Syllabus

Make sure that you read!! Be aware of the important due dates listed.

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I will post what we covered in class and your homework everyday in the message section. It is VERY important that you check this section every night

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FLINN Safety Contract

Here you will find the Lab safety contract that must be signed by both you and your parent/guardian

I also gave you a hard copy

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How to Write an OUTLINE

Follow this format when you are writing papers

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Scientific Root Words

A great list to help you break down difficult to remember words

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Citation/Research Help

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Lab Report Instructions and Rubric

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Lab Report Example

Use this to help you write your report the CORRECT way

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