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Hooked on Phonics!

Hooked on Phonics!

Author: Samantha Sanders

Students will learn how to identify, say and read CVC words.

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CVC lesson overview!

This video simply explains an extinction on the lesson done in class for the passed two days. Students will watched this video and review cvc words by watching the video provided and engaging in guided practice with a partner.

CVC word song; SING ALONG!!

Yesterday we worked on sounding out letters in the alphabet; we also went over what our vowels and our consonants were. Today we will watch a small video clip of Consonant-Vowel-Consonant(CVC) patterns and learn how to put those sounds together so that we can pronounce cvc words.

Source: Youtube

Roll It! Read It!

Roll it! Read It! CVC Words Fluency Practice

For this assignment, I want you to grab a partner, parent or guardian and play the Roll It; Read It game. I place two dice in everyone's take home baggies today and I want you to use them for this activity. 

Roll the dice and whatever number you land on; you must sound out the word. For example: Ms. Sanders rolls 3 dots (#3), I have to read a word from row 3 (pot, yet, fig, men, fat, or tug). Once the word has be read; I can cross it out. The game is not complete until all words are crossed out on the board. 

Have fun!! :)