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Hormonal Control of Bone Remodeling

Hormonal Control of Bone Remodeling

Author: Aaron Mullally

- Review the terms deposition and resorption

- Review which cells make deposition and resorption occur

- Define the terms hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia

- Identify the hormones that are used to regulate the body's blood calcium levels and the glands that secrete them

- Describe the actions of parathyroid hormone and relate its actions to the term resorption

- Define the term hyperparathyroidism and describe the effects of excessive parathyroid hormones (osteomalacia)

- Describe the effects of calcitriol and describe how it affects the absorption of vitamin D

- Identify when calcitriol and parathyroid hormones are secreted and how they are regulated (calcium homeostasis)

- Identify which gland secretes calcitonin and describe its actions, also describe how its secretion is regulated

- Identify that bones can only thicken and not lengthen after our growth plates ossify


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Overview of Hormonal Regulation of Bone Remodeling

This video highlights the major hormones that are used to regulate blood calcium levels. These hormones have direct affects on the bones aside from the other organs systems they act upon.

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