HOSP 582 Final Exam

HOSP 582 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO A) Discuss how changes in population is affecting the hospitality industry. For full credit, be sure to cover all aspects involving changes in population in recent years.(Points : 40)
2. (TCO B) Examine the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent restaurant owner and compare it with becoming a franchisee. Additionally define and examine the operating freedom that is usually retained by the franchisee and also discuss disadvantages of becoming a franchisee.(Points : 40)
3. (TCO F) Discuss in detail current issues food service operations are facing. For full credit, be sure to provide ample examples as well as explanation for each issue you discuss.(Points : 40)
4. (TCO E) How important is human resources in the lodging industry? How is it different than other industries? How did human resources evolve in the lodging industry? And, what are some characteristics defining the human resource manager at a hotel?(Points : 40)
5. (TCO B) Discuss in detail plan creation, plan action, and plan control as related to the manager in the hospitality industry.(Points : 40)
6. (TCO C) What are some examples of customer needs? How do needs vary from one hospitality operation to another? How can service fulfill customer needs? And why is understanding customer needs vital to the manager?(Points : 40)

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