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HOSP 585 Midterm Exam

HOSP 585 Midterm Exam

Author: Carol J. Kemp Kemp

HOSP 585 Midterm Exam

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(HOSP 585 Hotel and Restaurant Management - DeVry)

Multiple Choice

Question 1. (TCO A) Which of the following is not a common promotion used in the lodging industry? (Points: 5)

Question 2. (TCO A) Which department offers the highest profit margins? (Points: 5)

Question 3. (TCO A) Critical to the successful executive chef’s skill set is the ability to ______(Points: 5)

Question 4. (TCO A) The progress of the reservations received against the number blocked out is called the: (Points: 5)

Question 5. (TCO B) RevPAR is a product of (Points: 5)

Question 6. (TCO B) A daily analysis report generated by the reservations department includes the number of ______. (Points: 5)

Question 7. (TCO C) This person is normally in charge of carpet repairs, wall washers, window washers, drapery cleaners, and shampooers. (Points: 5)

Short Answers

Question 1. TCO A) What are the mathematics of yield management, including ADR, occupancy percentage, and RevPAR? How are these calculated? (Points: 15)

Question 2. (TCO A) What are the key functional areas of the Rooms Department in a full-service lodging establishment?  Briefly discuss what the role is of each functional area. (Points: 15)

Question 3. (TCO B) Explain and evaluate the organizational structure and functions of the Guest Services staff in a full-service hotel. Include the staff positions and what their roles are in the front office department. (Points: 15)

Question 4. (TCO B) Describe the process of a night audit and the activities of a night auditor. (Points: 15)

Question 5. (TCO C) Describe in detail the roles and responsibilities of an executive housekeeper. Whom does this person report to? (Points: 15)

Question 6. (TCO C) Examine the five elements that are involved in most accidents in a lodging operation. How do they relate to the housekeeping staff? Give examples. (Points: 15)

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