HOSP 590 Final Exam Latest Version

HOSP 590 Final Exam Latest Version

Author: Abraham Nolito


1. (TCO E, G) There are different reasons for sharing a meal together. There are different types of reasons for why we eat. Part I: List four functions of food service. Give an example of how you can use layout, theme, and menu to enhance and maximize the meal opportunity. (Points : 35)
2. (TCO A, B) Outline and describe the food and beverage service that you would employ for an all-day golf outing for an incentive program, including an upscale lunch inside of a tent at the ninth hole. There will be 50 participants who are top salespeople for a pharmaceutical company known for vitamin products. They expect to be wined and dined extravagantly. (Points : 35)
3. (TCO C, D) The mayor of a small city wants to recognize the top three companies as well as the top three individuals who are the best recyclers. No criteria are given for what makes up a "best recycler." This is the first time that these awards will be given out at the Annual Earth Day picnic in the park. Determine the criteria for the award, along with categories and selection process. Recommend what free stuff, i.e. gifts, mementos, logo merchandise, can be ordered and distributed at the event. Explain the logistical requirements associated with giving out awards at a picnic and how they can be incorporated into your overall event plan and budget. (Points : 40)
4. (TCO G) Outline and describe five trips, tours, mini events, sports activities, or other excursion activities that would be appropriate to go along with a planned event. The planned event is the Association of InnKeepers having their annual meeting in Las Vegas. There will be over 4,000 people attending, most of whom bring their entire families along recognizing an opportunity to combine this meeting with their annual vacation. The convention is four days long and takes place in the middle of the summer. How will you promote or advertise these excursions? At the event, how will you remind and encourage participation? (Points : 40)
5. (TCO E, F) What is a production binder and how is it useful for a planner? What are the minimum components of a production binder? (Points : 40)
6. (TCO E, F) Why is it important to attend the event that you are planning? What are some reasons why a planner would not attend an event? What are four potential negative outcomes of not attending an event? (Points : 40)
7. (TCO A, E) Name seven evaluation methods available to conduct research on the success of a meeting. List a pro and a con for each evaluation method. (Points : 40)
8. (TCO A) How does membership in professional associations assist a planner in their career development? (Points : 30)

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