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Hot Air Balloon - Sky Lantern

Hot Air Balloon - Sky Lantern

Author: Jason Fritz
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Learning Targets for This Lesson

  • I can explain density, dissolving, compression, diffusion and thermal expansion using the particle model of matter
  • I can explain how heat effects the motion and arrangement of particles in solids, liquids and gases
  • I can measure length, mass, volume, temperature, time, weight using the correct measuring tool
  • I can follow lab safety rules and procedures
  • I can use the engineering design process to solve a problem
  • I can use the engineering design process to solve a problem
  • I can recognize that there is no perfect design and there are limitations with each design

Lab: Creating a Hot Air Balloon


How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 1: Introduction

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 2 How it Flies

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 3 Fuel and Safety

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 4 Materials Needed

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 5 Making and Launching

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Part 6 Using Small Bags

Sky Lanterns 2012 Guinness World Record Palas Iasi (HD)

12,740 sky lanterns in Iasi, Romania (NEW WORLD RECORD) (HD)

"I See The Light"

Source: Tangled

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In Ballooning, some inhabitants of Mammoth Island decide to explore the far side of a distant mountain ridge on a breezy spring day. Half way up the steep mountain trail, their trusty mammoth becomes afraid and winds up trapped on the mountainside. In order to save their hairy friend, Olive and Troy enlist the aid of the inventor to build a hot-air balloon. Their plan involves using the balloon to float back up the mountain, where they harness the mammoth and carry him safely back to the village. Part of the multivolume series The Way Things Work.

13 min 33 sec.

Bill Nye: Buoyancy

Bill Nye the Science Guy examines the topic of buoyancy in this episode of the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel series, featuring an interactive question-and-answer format and hands-on activities. In this episode, Bill takes to the sky in a hot air balloon and goes scuba-diving in the Seattle Aquarium to explain why objects like boats, helium and balloons are buoyant.

21 min 13 sec.