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How a Bill Becomes a Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Author: Samantha Grubb

Know how a bill becomes a law.

Understand how checks and balances plays a role in the formation of a law.

Know that all three branches help make a bill a law.

Students will get a review of what the three branches of government in the United States are and how checks and balances works. They will then get a lesson on how a bill becomes a law in our government.

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Order of How to Complete this Tutorial

1. Watch the "Lesson" video and fill out your notes while you watch the video.

  • If you don't have your notes, you can download and print them off of this page. You will see them underneath the lesson video.

2. Watch the "Schoolhouse Rock" video.

3. Take the quiz (on the right side of this page).

*If you have any questions, you can type them in at the bottom of this page.


Watch this video FIRST while filling out your notes along the way.


Here are the notes if you don't have them from class.


Schoolhouse Rock Video

Schoolhouse Rock on How a Bill Becomes a Law

Source: YouTube