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How Do I Insert a Google Form?

How Do I Insert a Google Form?

Author: carolyn fruin

This lesson will demonstrate how to embed a Google form into a SOPHIA tutorial. Many people are using this as a form of review or formative assessment. Embedding Google forms became popular with Crystal Kirch's technique known as WSQing.

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Should I Use a Google Form?

How do I monitor student engagement within the Sophia platform? One way is to have them summarize what they learn through Google Forms. The submitted data will be accessible by you on a spreadsheet in your Google drive.

Another, more convenient solution may be to build formative assessment quizzes into the tutorial. Students will answer multiple choice or true false questions as they learn the objective(s) of the tutorial. This data is collected within the platform and can be accessed by the teacher in the student data section as seen in this image. No need to go elsewhere to analyze, it is a click away along with time spent on the tutorial by each student.

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Embedding a Google Form into Sophia

Using Google forms to gather information from students or parents, collecting homework answers or monitoring student understanding are just a few reasons that embedding forms can save time for you and your students. Add this simple tool to your toolbox and get back to the 1:1 instruction you like best.

Source: Ian McConnell

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