How do you subtract by regrouping?

How do you subtract by regrouping?

Author: Laura Heintz

Common Core 3. NBT 2


Fluently subtract within 1000 using the regrouping strategy. 

Students will use regrouping and previous knowledge on the relationship between addition and subtraction.

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Step 1...

Please watch the video on subtraction below! Enjoy the song, because we're going to work on singing some of it tomorrow in class!

How do you subtract by regrouping? (video)

"When Mr. Sawyer's 3rd grade class struggled with subtraction, one parent said, "I don't understand how my kid can't learn to subtract but can listen to a song once and memorize it?!?!"
That comment resulted in this!!!!"

Your Turn...

Try out the problems in this slideshow before they give you the answer. 

Does yours look like theirs?

If you need a little more practice on this, you can go to this website to see another video.


Be ready to try a problem on the board tomorrow. 



Subtraction Regrouping

Go through the slideshow and try out the problems for subtraction regrouping!

Next step...

Please go to http://ixl.com

Complete section D.1 up to 100%.

You need to use paper and pencil to write your problems out, and solve!