How I use iPads in my Classroom

How I use iPads in my Classroom

Author: Cary Fields

Teachers and students will gain information on what educational apps are available for free, how to use them in the classroom and much more. 

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VideoScribe for lesson creation

Here is a short clip I created using an app called VideoScribe. Students love using it too.

Source: Video Scribe

Trading Cards app in use

This is a great example of student engagement using not only collaboration, but rich pieces of literature, and technology to create something meaningful to the students.

Source: Trading Cards app

Puppet Pals in the Classroom

This is a deleted scene from F-451 by Ray Bradbury using the App Puppet Pals on the iPad.

Source: Puppet Pals, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

Using Educreations

This is a clip I took while students were tasked with creating their understanding of propaganda techniques using the Educreations app based off of 1950's era clips I shared with them.

Source: Educreations