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How Not to Lose Concentration, Studying at Home?

How Not to Lose Concentration, Studying at Home?

Author: Timothy Lyall

It is not always easy to concentrate on your studies especially when you are at home because there can be distractions. Also you might feel demotivated if the material you are supposed to study is not your favorite. However, by implementing effective learning techniques and determination will be able to put you back on track.

Find A Suitable Environment

Your study location plays an important role in your concentration. Try to find the place where you work the best. This depends on your personal preferences. For some people, they need a quieter place to study like a library while some people can study even in busy environments. There are few things you need on your learning space such as;

- Flat, clear surface with enough space to hold all your materials.
- A power outlet close to your study space if you need to use your computer to maintain the flow.
- Comfortable seating for prolonged and sustainable learning. 

Gather All Your Study Materials

Your learning materials such as notes, textbooks, papers, learning guides, stationary and everything you need for your studying have to be within arm’s length so that you don’t disrupt yourself by going to get things far away. Therefore, collect all your learning materials and other materials which might include snacks and water before you start studying.

Create A Routine

Creating a time table or a particular routine will definitely help you focus and maintain your learning flow. It is important to prepare your mind for learning. Therefore, activities like clearing your work space, collecting all your material and organizing your topics to learn for the day shall not only prepare you mind but also your body for learning. Even if you are planning to get help with writing a research paper, having organized a work schedule and having a routine will help you to organize your future work.

Block Distractions

Distractions can come in different forms such as electronic devices, websites, apps can hinder your motivation to study and trick your mind to focus on unnecessary things for hours and hours. The worst case scenario is that you might get distracted without your knowledge and get nothing done that is due for the day. So, decide what might become a distraction while you study and make sure to block all of them before you start learning.

Some of you might have chosen not to attend school and learn from home. Therefore, if you are homeschooling or hoping to choose homeschooling, you must find the best ways to avoid all kinds of distractions because your home is where you continue to learn.

Divide Your Study Sessions

When you are preparing for an exam, it is most likely that you get overwhelmed by the load of information. This will lead to severe stress thereby ruining your learning. Stress occurs due to poor planning and management. Therefore, you have to collect all our learning material beforehand and most importantly, avoid procrastination. So it is better to read slowly maintaining focus for around 30 minutes at a time rather than a few hour cramming sessions.

There are times when you do not have time to write your research papers yourself due to the heavy workload and you might actually need some help on research paper writing or help writing your reports, projects and assignments. Getting help will push you in the right direction to draft and plan your studies in future. 

Think of an Incentive

Before you start learning, think of something to reward yourself at the end of your study session. You can study for an hour, then watch a good movie or a television show. An incentive is able to motivate you to concentrate on studying for a specific time period and then reward yourself for concentrating on your studying without any distractions.

Take all these tips into consideration when you study and make sure that you convince yourself about the satisfaction of getting best grades. Then you will definitely end up making sure each of your learning session end up really well.

The article was written by certified psychologist PapersOwl, which helps students to be in good shape during quarantine.

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