. How often are network standards reviewed? The standards...

. How often are network standards reviewed? The standards...

Author: Minnie Fisher


. How often are network standards reviewed? The standards are reviewed and updated approximately every 5 years.

1. How often are network standards reviewed? The standards are reviewed and updatedapproximately every 5 years.2. What category of UTP cabling is the minimum for a telephone cable? Cat 5 is usedfor telephone cable, before Cat 5, Cat 3 was used.3. What category of cabling should be installed as a best practice for a telephone cable?Cat 54. What is the problem with leaving abandoned cable in place in a building? It creates afire hazard because of the extra combustible material.5. Why must the twisting in the individual wires be maintained in a UTP cable?6. How many wires does a gigabit cable use?7. Is the labeling standard commonly used or not used?8. Grounding should be attached to what in the building?9. Horizontal cabling connects what areas to each other?10. What is a plenum rated cable?11. What is a riser tube used for?12. What is the code for plenum rated horizontal cable?13. How many wires in a UTP cable does Fast Ethernet use?14. How many inches should separate UTP cable from 120 volt electrical cable?15. What is the reason for grounding jumpers on each connection in ladder rack?16. Why should overfilling of a riser tube be avoided?17. Is the grounding of equipment a safety or a performance concern?18. What are the current recognized horizontal cabling categories?19. May an existing Category 5 cable be used to make network connections?20. In the example used here what does the firestop material consist of?21. In what circumstances will poorly installed cabling still function?22. Why should the outer cover on a UTP cable be maintained in place?23. Does cable labeling impact network performance?24. May CM cable be used in the plenum space? 25. Why should a plastic riser tube not be used?

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