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How People Hurt and Help the Earth

How People Hurt and Help the Earth

Author: Kathryn McCabe
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Hello my first graders!

Welcome to our lesson about How People Hurt and Help the Earth! You are going to learn about ways people can hurt the environment and things people can do to make it better. Instead of me talking to you on the carpet about this, you are going to watch some videos, look at a website, learn a song, and write about what you learned. The videos are way more fun to watch than me.

In this lesson you will learn about things people do to hurt the earth including; building homes where nature is, what "Going Green" means, what we can recycle, and tings we can do around the house that will help the earth feel better.


Have fun! And write down any questions you have and we will asnwer them tomorrow.



Click this link and it will take you to a fun page where you will learn everything.



First watch the video that has the leaf boarder. This video is going to show you how the land on earth can change overtime, and some ways that we can help recycle and keep the earth healthy.

1. Watch the video in the flowerpot. This is a fun song that you can dance to. Watch it more than once, so you can start to know the words and sing along. The song is about “Going Green” a phrase we use when we are doing activities that help keep the earth better and recycling materials

2. Go to the blue sticky note. Click the red text that will talk you to a Time for Kids website that has tips to “Go Green”. Do you see anything on the list that you do? Or do you think you could start doing some of these things?

3. Go to the bottom of the page and watch the video in the green arrow boarders. This video shows a family that is energy wasters; they leave the lights and water on. Then their house is on the news for hurting the earth too much and they decide to change their habits. They start to become energy savers and make changes to help the earth; including turning off the water, unplugging electronics. Watch the video and try to see the before and after of the family and what they do.


4. Write in your writing journal, or on a piece of paper, one way that you have seen people hurt the earth. You have to have see it with your owns eyes. You may have seen someone leave the lights on when they aren’t home, or leave the heat on with the windows open, or throw trash in the street.

You finished!

You did it!!

Did you learn something new?

Make sure you write in your journal one way you have seen someone hurt the earth. You can write more than one if you want.

If you have any questions or anything you liked about the videos or website that you would like to share with the class, write that down too.

Tomorrow in class

Tomorrow in class we will quickly go over all the things you learned about hurting and helping the environment.

We will read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. Have you read this before? Don't spoil the ending for your classmates!

Then we are going to color and write about ways we can help the earth because we love it!