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How to be a Successful ESL Teacher

How to be a Successful ESL Teacher

Author: Tom Jager

For any teacher, professional success is not determined by the amount of
compensation because the benefits are not exactly monetary in nature.
These people are committed to the success of their students and do
their best to help them succeed.

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For any teacher, professional success is not determined by the amount of
compensation because the benefits are not exactly monetary in nature.
These people are committed to the success of their students and do
their best to help them succeed, said Brian O. from HR software.

Given that English knowledge is an essential requirement in a modern
globalized world, ESL teachers perform an incredibly important role
in the lives of their students. They open new opportunities for
studying, communication, travelling, and working.

To make sure that you succeed in the role of an ESL teacher, we have
prepared a list of strategies that ensure the best outcome for

Be extraordinary

Veryoften, teachers are perceived by students as control-loving robots
that spew explanations without any real discussion. You don’t want
to be perceived as a robot, right? One needs to be different than
others in terms of conducting lessons to become memorable.

For example, you could use this manual from Stanford to encourage participation in the class. It involves
decentralization, sharing the authority, and many other methods that
transform every lesson into a great experience.

Be helpful

Great teachers don’t teach. Their essential role is to help students
obtain the knowledge in every possible way: answer questions,
recommend resources for essay papers, grade their performance, and identify areas for improvement. By helping your students, you’ll develop a caring relationship with each student and transform traditional school experience.

There are four ways teachers can show their care, according to a recent article published at UC Berkeley. Given that caring relationship between a
teacher and a student is critical for being a true helper, one should
actively listen, ask for feedback, reflect on own experience, and get
to know students.

Be generous

Sharing is caring. This is a principle that guides successful ESL teachers.
For example, imagine you found a great website or game that could be
used in the class. What to do in this case? Right, a successful
teacher doesn’t keep helpful tools from students but shares them!

There are many ESL teaching tools used every day around the world but if you need some pointers, feel free to visit this article on eight great online resources for ESL teachers. And don’t forget to share them in the class!

Set high expectations

High but possible expectations are one of the best ways to cultivate an
academic environment and improve performance. Every student can
achieve incredible results, so setting the bar high and pushing them
every day is a strategy that helps successful teachers to advance
everyone in the class.

However, a lot of effort need to be applied in order to ensure that higher
standards of education are accomplished. This includes everything
from simple praises like “Good job!” to detailed explanations.

You may even experiment with giving them some more complex material. For example, if you teach English to high schoolers, you can give them
examples of TOEFL tests. Once they complete all the tasks, just tell
them that you knew they were going to succeed because they are
geniuses. That will go a long way in increasing their self-esteem and
motivation to study.

Be innovational

A contemporary classroom is not complete without technology. It is
especially relevant in case of learning new languages because it
provides interactive opportunities and more ways to get to discover
the target culture. Films, videos, apps, podcasts, online games,
blogging, you name it – almost anything can be helpful in an ESL

described that technology can enhance language learning in many ways,
including increased motivation and engagement, mobility, time saving,
learner independence, and many others. Being tech-savvy is helpful
for both students and teachers, so don’t think twice about using

Cultivate respect

Being an ESL teacher doesn’t just mean give instructions on how to use
the language but also nurture the respect for the target culture.
Those who were not taught this principle may think that the way
foreigners live is weird. It’s not because it’s different. For
any ESL teacher, remembering this truth is very important to develop
cultural awareness and tolerance in students.

There are many ways in which teachers can foster cultural awareness,
so check them out. Only successful teachers really know how to
facilitate students’ personal and professional success in a diverse

Create and maintain a class library

Some of your students may not have access to English books and other
learning materials, so it is a good idea to build a library in the
class to solve this problem. Clearly, reading is essential for
gaining fluency in another language, so make sure you have books for
various interests and reading levels.

Online libraries can be a great option if you can’t find some books you’re
looking for. One of the most popular is Open Library, which has thousands of options for borrowing and reading using computers and mobile devices.

Their success is your success

Use these tips to become a great ESL teacher and improve the quality of
education. See what your students prefer and remember: the more of
them succeed, the more successful you become.