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How to Choose a Great Essay Topic

How to Choose a Great Essay Topic

Author: Charles Horton
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You’re finally getting into university, and you expect to begin the “best time of your life”. When you’re having fun while making new friends and everything seems to be just fine, you’re asked to write a research essay so everything starts to “collapse”. 

Back in high school, writing an essay would have been an easy and fun task. Not anymore. Universities expect you to sweat and work hard, so that’s exactly what you should do if you wish to go through with it.
One thing that influences the quality of your essay is, of course, the topic. Obviously, if you chose the wrong topic, your essay might turn out to be a failure. How to find the perfect topic for your essay? Follow the tips below:

1. Search for a Topic That You Truly Enjoy

The only way of writing a valuable essay is by choosing a topic that you are passionate about. Even if that’s not always possible while in college. Think about it like this: you must spend a lot of time getting your research paper ready. Now, imagine having a topic that you really do not enjoy, think about the struggle. So, chose something that resonates with you, and get to work. 

Will Chan, writer at Bestessays, wishes to share his story:
“Back in my teenage years, I loved writing essays. It was such a relaxing way of spending my time. These days, young people don’t really like writing anymore. I mean, back in my days, when our professor told us to prepare a well-thought-out essay, I was extremely excited. Writing was my second nature, so writing essays was always a pleasure. Nowadays, we should focus more on writing about topics that we truly enjoy, instead of wasting time on subjects that we don’t really have a connection with.”

2. Find a Topic That You Understand

In order to write a great essay, you should choose a topic that you understand completely. Find a topic that’s easy to talk about. Don’t try to impress by choosing a difficult topic, and don’t come up with fancy words. Otherwise, you might not “hit the essence” and therefore deliver a bad work. Settle for a subject that you enjoy, and grasp it entirely. Work hard and deliver a mind-blowing essay! 

3. Take a Look at the Trends

If, for example, you are passionate about music and you still don’t have a clue about what topic you should choose, take a look at the latest news regarding your area of expertise. There are a lot of ways of finding out what’s trending right now.
For example, you may examine specialized magazines, academic papers, or other online publications, so you may find out which are the hottest topics at this time. When you find something interesting, analyze it carefully, and try connecting it with something that you already know.

4. Is Your Topic Relevant?

Before starting to write your essay, think about how relevant your topic is for the academic university. I’m not saying that you should prepare something that’s 100% unique. But, you are in university now, and people expect hard work and valuable content from you. The topic you choose should be something that’s relevant to our daily lives, something that makes an impact over our society. So whatever topic you choose, remember to connect it in one way or another to our modern day to day lives. 

5. Brainstorm with Your Friends

If you feel stuck and you can’t find a topic that’s right for you, try brainstorming with your friends. When you’re talking to somebody, ideas might come up much more quickly. Talk about topics that you enjoy, discuss a movie or a book. Anything that might wake up ideas that were usually long forgotten will be turn out to be a worthwhile action.

6. Make Sure Your Topic Complies with the Requirements

Before delivering your essay, make sure to read it again in order check if the requirements are met. Imagine going through all this struggle only to get refused by your professor because your topic didn’t met his expectations. Just take your time and make sure everything is in order before presenting it.

As you can see, choosing the right topic for you can be a relaxing activity, so you don’t need to transform it into a nightmare. Make sure to follow these tips, and everything should turn out to be just fine. Remember, writing can be fun as long as you’re writing about something you truly like.