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How to complete the bellringer DOG

How to complete the bellringer DOG

Author: Cynthia Willey

How to do the focus actity - coming in the door for the first 5 minutes.  Also called the Bellringer (because you're doing it when the tardy bell rings) or the DOG - Daily OMG Geography. Because, OMG, this is stuff you need to know.

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How to complete the DOG/Bellringer

Almost every day we have a bellringer activity. You will use the Nystrom Desk Atlas or the atlas pages from the textbook to answer the questions.  You must

1. Write each question fully, along with the day of the week, the question number, and all the words.

2. Look up the answer for the question and write it beside the question.

3. You will get maximum credit if you

(a) underline your answer,

(b) if your answer should be capitalized, you must capitalize it, (Example: Gulf of Mexico, not gulf of mexico)

(c) spell everything correctly  - you're looking it up!, and

(d) if your answer is a city, write the country or if your answer is in the U.S., write the state where that city is located. For example, San Angelo, Texas, Mexico City, Mexico, are correct ways to write your answer.



Sample how to complete the DOG 187, 188