How to Control Your Pencil

How to Control Your Pencil

Author: Jim Pappas

Students will be able to use the following DRAWING techniques upon completing this tutorial:

  • Tripod grip
  • Overhand grip
  • Wrist -vs- Shoulder control
  • Muscle Memory


There are basically two styles of holding onto a pencil.  Once you've had experienced drawing with both of these methods, you'll notice that specific techniques lend themselves to different parts of drawing better than others.

To help you practice using these techniques, try the following "Warm-Up" techniques before we start a pose:

  • Ghosting Circles
  • Ghosting Boxes
  • Shifting Curves (thick/thin)
  • Fill in the box (shading tones)
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How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

Warm-Up Practice

Download this PDF file to start with your warm-up exercises. Once you feel like you have started to get the hang of it, you can transfer these exercises over to your sketchbook.

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