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How to Create and Share Creative Content - Design

How to Create and Share Creative Content - Design

Author: Barbara Chiarello

To create creative and engaging content online it's simpler and easier than we think. Even presentations and classroom content can be enhanced by applying a good and attractive design. Social Media is also all about creating attractive content to stand out and reach the big audience. Let your creative guide you and some technological tricks help you make it all happen. Just be different than the others, come and try it!

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Welcome to a quick and easy tutorial class that will give you some guidance on how to get started creating your own designs. You will see that in order to create professional looking designs, you don't have to be a professional, but just think like one. I will show you a tool that will make your life easier and give you some tips to get you started. After this quick demonstrations, I hope you will learn some useful tricks and feel confident to try and get creative.

The tools learned here can be applied to anything you might want or need a design for. It may be for simple personal use in social media or for professional use and leverage of your own business... Just come with me and get creative!

How to Explore and create Professional Designs without being a Professional

Watch this quick tutorial to learn some of the possibilities and how to get started with - a website that makes design creating fun and easy!

Tips for creating your own original design!