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How to deal with emotions!

How to deal with emotions!


3rd Grade Level

ASCA Standards: Personal/Social

A. Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others. 

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How to cope with your temper!  Here is a hyperlink to a website for you to review. This website has information that will help you learn how to cope with anger/temper.

Coping with Sadness

You will need to watch this video to help you understand how to cope with a negative emotion such as sadness.

How to Cope with Negative Emotions

The Bigger Question!!!

Once you have finished reviewing the video clip, the hyperlink, and the problem solving wheel, I want you to get out a blank piece of paper and answer the following:

What are three personal examples that you can come up with to help you cope with negative emotions? Use the the problem solving wheel as well as the video to help you come up with great ideas!