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How to deliver an informative speech

How to deliver an informative speech

Author: Chari Dickson

Informative speech topics give you the chance of sharing your knowledge on a given issue with your listeners. They bring exciting and useful information to light. Therefore, when preparing for this kind of speech, you’ll need to do extensive research. 

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How to Deliver an Informative Speech/Video #1

This video should be viewed first because it explains the purpose of an informative speech and it gives you helpful hints on how to deliver your speech.

Jordyn Allen Informative Speech Video Example/Video #2

This video should be watched after you view the video on "How to Deliver an Informative Speech".

Source: YouTube

Acupuncture Informative Speech Example 2/Video #3

This is also another good example of how to effectively deliver your informative speech. Please watch closely and take notes if needed.

Source: YouTube

Writing an Informative Speech

The information in this PDF document contains some very important information on how to write an informative speech. There is also an outline included for you to follow as well.


PowerPoint Presentation on Informative Speaking

Please view the presentation on informative speaking. You may refer to it anytime to assist you with your assessment project.