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How to Do Google

How to Do Google

Author: Sara Schoepke

The objective of this Google Tutorial is to learn how Google Apps can help you and your students.  This tutorial will go through many of the different tools and share ideas of how to use professionally as well as with students.

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Logging into Google Apps (WGSD)

If you are a teacher ~ This link will give you information about how to login to Google Apps.  As with many technology things, there is more than one way to accomplish this task.


Click here to learn more....


If you are a student ~ this link will give you more information about logging in .  Click here to learn more.....

Google Documents

To learn more about using Google Documents with students, click here.

Providing Student with Feedback ~ Google Style

To learn more about providing students with feedback on their student work, click here.

Google Collaboration

Google Forms

To learn more about creating and using Google Forms, click here..

Google Forms ~ a student/teacher connection

Creating Templates in Google

To learn more about creating templates in Google, click here...