How to do your homework!

How to do your homework!

Author: Craig Jamieson

By the end of this video you will be able to properly watch and interact with your Maths tutorial.  You will be ready to start learning using the flipped classroom model and will be able to explain it to others.

A 'how-to' instructional video to for Mr Jamieson's S2 Maths class on the basics of being a flipped classroom student.  Learning best practice on how to actually do his new style of 'homework' as well as interacting with the websites other content and the philosophy behind the idea.

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A guide on how to approach your new style of 'homework'

Please watch the video below, and remember to fill out the form at the end of the video.

How to do your Homework

This video should explain a little more of what to expect and what is expected of you in the flipped learning project.
Please forgive the lack of editing for now...

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