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How To Effectively Use Gmail Labels

How To Effectively Use Gmail Labels

Author: Hasan Siddiqui

In this packet, we will learn the most effective way to use the "Labels" feature of Gmail. We will discuss how to manually, as well as automatically, add labels to emails. We will also discuss the advantages to using labels instead of folders.

Organizing your inbox is a great way to improve productivity and usefulness of your emails. The biggest free email service offered is Gmail by Google. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it offers you different ways to organize your inbox. One of the most useful ones is their "labels" system. If one has never heard of the label system, it can be thought of as similar to using "folders". The main difference between labels and folders is that multiple labels can be used on a single message. You can also nest labels within labels. That can be very useful when searching for past messages.


An example:

Say there was an email you received a while back. The email is from your parents asking about details for a family vacation. If you were using the folder system, you could search in the "family" folder and then the "travel" folder. You have a 50/50 chance of getting the right folder the first time.

Let's take the same email and use the label system. This allows you to add the "family" and "travel" label to the single email. Now you can search through either label, or even search for all messages containing both of the labels.



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How To Create and Add Labels In Gmail

A tutorial on how to create labels in Gmail. It also contains a tutorial for adding labels manually as well as automatically.