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How To Fill Out a Significant Moments Sheet

How To Fill Out a Significant Moments Sheet

Author: Angela Rivas

Students will complete a Significant Moments t-chart using a piece of text, noting 3 significant moments in quotes and citing page/paragraph numbers and 3 reasons why they're significant.  

This tutorial will explain how to use a Significant Moments t-chart, using a short story as an example.  Students will then apply what they've learned by reading a short story on their own and completing a Significant Moments t-chart independently.  

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#1.) How To Fill Out a Significant Moments Sheet

Here is a short video explaining how to fill out a Significant Moments t-chart using a short story.


#3.) Try It On Your Own!

Using the following story link, read the story and pick out 3 significant moments to list on your t-chart. Remember to cite your evidence (giving page or paragraph numbers)!