How to Format Your Research Paper

How to Format Your Research Paper

Author: Christine Green

Learn how to format a research paper in MLA style (modified for middle school) and use BibMe to create a Works Cited page.

These videos and files will help you format your research paper. You'll learn how to set up the paper itself, how to cite sources, and get tips for writing a better paper. You'll also get an introduction to using BibMe.org to create your Works Cited page.

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Formatting Your Research Paper

In this video, I'll demonstrate how to format your research paper using Google Drive.

Research Paper Sample

This file contains a sample formatted research paper. In the body of the paper is information about formatting and how to include citations and quotes.

You can download this file to your computer by clicking the third button from the left, next to the + magnifying glass.

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Using BibMe

In this video, I demonstrate how to use BibMe to create your Works Cited page.