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How to help in a bullying situation

How to help in a bullying situation

Author: Mayra Martinez

In spite of a rise of bullying cases in school settings, tutorial will help elementary students how they can go from a bystander to an upstander.


What are you hoping to learn after this tutorial?What will you do to help in a bullying situation?

Counseling objective



4th-5th grade

Counseling Standards

1.1 Ensure all students are engaged in a system of support designed for learning and academic success

1.2 Advocate for educational opportunity, equity and access for all students

1.3 Advocate for the learning and academic success of all students

1.4 Identify student problems in their earliest stages and implement prevention and intervention strategies


The California Standards for the School Counseling Profession. (2009). The California Association of

School Counselors, Inc. Retrieved from %20Electronic%20Version%202009.pdf.

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What Is Bullying

Do you ever hear mean words like these at school? Do you see mean actions like hitting, kicking, or shoving? There’s a name for this kind of mean behavior. It’s called bullying.

Risk Factors

Risk Factors

What are some risk factors of those who are being bullied? How can these be identified?

How To Prevent Bullying

This video will show you what you can do when you encounter a situation when you see someone being bullied.