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How To Improve The Quality Of Basic Education

How To Improve The Quality Of Basic Education

Author: Caitlyn Maiden

Everything in this world, every single process has the point where it all starts. When a new Ph.D. holder successfully defends his or her dissertation, it should be understood that there was a time when they were the pupils of elementary school. Regardless of people might have to say, the educational tradition in the UK is a long-standing one and regardless of the level of studies, people have always treated the need for learning with respect. Unfortunately, the 21st century cannot be classified as the best time for basic education as nobody thinks that it is important. However, as it has been already mentioned, every process has the point of initiation and ending. Thus, if this country does not want its high schools, colleges, and universities to fall into the decay of illiteracy, there is a need to take proper care of basic education first.


Nowadays, there is, probably, no parent in the UK who would be satisfied with the amount of attention that their child gets from a teacher in a public school. The understaffing of teachers is not the best option that the Parliament could have gone for when it came to decided how the schools of the future were going to look like. The schools are overcrowded and it means that the teachers are not simply able to deal with such an overwhelming number of students. This problem needs to be addressed with immediate effect if the country wants its middle schools to receive the student who is actually capable of analyzing information.

Lack of Freedom for the Curricula

There is nothing special about the parents who don’t want their child to struggle while learning, for example, zoology or natural sciences. The world of ‘you have to learn because everybody does’ is long gone and people are free to choose what they want to learn and what information seems to be odd in their lives. Professional writers from the custom coursework writing service claim that it is very often that people ask to write essays about the importance of retaining the freedom to make the class-related and curriculum-building decisions in the hands of the community. Furthermore, any coursework writing service in the UK can easily prove that the curricula are not changing and that the children are learning the same information year in, year out. It needs to be changed if there is any progress to be expected.

Lack of Teachers’ Motivation

Nowadays, teachers have to deal with the number of students that is not considered to be normal for high-quality education. It looks like the elementary school pupils of today have to learn just like the college students who listen to the lectures and get absolutely no personal attention being from the tutor. Well, the question is: why would those teachers want to tear themselves apart between the students while not even being paid enough for it? Everybody knows that the teachers’ salaries are coming cheap these days. Thus, there is no wonder in the fact that nobody wants to become a teacher, and this is the point of initiation in this negative process. Therefore, teachers’ salaries are to be raised if the situation is going to improve.

Underfunded Schools

Besides the poor payment policy in regards to the teachers’ salaries, the government has also embarked upon underfunding schools from all around the country. There is no need for expecting high-quality educational services from the underpaid teachers who are working in the underfunded schools. It is impossible to operate properly when there are no corresponding resources for it. For example, how a teacher should ensure the top quality of education when there are not even enough books for everybody. It must be understood that education in the 21st century cannot be standardized but it should be custom in its nature.


It can be clearly seen that basic education is the platform that holds the high building of academic brilliance and does not let it fall down. However, the problem is that many individuals and organizations still do not understand the real value of basic education and the issues that it faces on a daily basis. While the schools remain overcrowded and underfunded, and the teachers remain underpaid, and the curricula standardized, there is no chance that the quality of basic education is going to be improved.

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