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How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Author: Michael Vettori

Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to recognize their own emotions along with other people’s emotions and to be able to differentiate between feelings. People with high emotional intelligence are able to use their feelings to guide their thinking and perspective and how with different situations they are going to feel different things. A higher emotional intelligence depicts that you are able to understand yourself and others and you are more successful in achieving your goals. Here are a few ways to understand and increase your emotional intelligence:

Understand what you’re feeling

The first and foremost thing to do when working on increasing your emotional intelligence is to comprehend your own feelings first. It's important to understand what you are feeling and what the reason behind it is. Knowing what you feel in different situations and how you respond to those situations is a great way to understand and increase your emotional intelligence.

Perceive other people’s perspective

Sometimes what we are feeling might seem right to us but to others, it might seem wrong. We might be acting in a way just because of our high involvement of emotions and might be taking the wrong actions. Whenever such a situation arises that test your emotional stability, it’s always a good idea to ask other people what they think about this situation and how you should have reacted. Every individual has a different perception and to increase your emotional stability, one should learn about these perspectives. Learning different perspectives and opinions AGradeEssay help us to master the art of understanding your own feelings and also other people feelings.

Work while keeping criticism in mind

Emotional intelligence requires equal amounts of rationality working along with your feelings. Every person faces criticism in their life and it’s really difficult to take that criticism because of how invested you were in your work and how hard you have worked. When we invest our time and energy somewhere, it’s normal that our feelings become involved too. When someone comes and gives their opinions about our work and finds any kind of fault, you feel bad. When someone has negative opinions about your work, you can actually consider that opinion and work on it or you can keep feeling bad about that opinion and ruin your work.

Think before you speak

When you want to use your feelings to guide your thinking and perspective, one rule to always to keep in mind is to think before you speak. When people do not think before they speak, they ruin a lot of situations. They speak in a hurry or due to the intensity of the situation where they are not able to maintain their stability. A person can be really good at managing their stress but bad days are inevitable. They can overtake our ability to manage it effectively sometimes and hence, we say things that are not meant to be said. Emotional intelligence requires higher stability and self-reflection.

Practice makes a man perfect

To be perfect at anything, it needs a lot of practice even when we are talking about our feelings involved. Keeping check of our feelings and to make sure that they stay stable, one has to put in a lot of effort. Controlling your own feelings and understanding other people’s feelings and keeping them in the same line as rationality can be extremely crucial. It will take a lot of years to increase your emotional intelligence but at the end of the day, practicing will make you good at it.

Stay motivated
Individuals with high emotional intelligence tend to be more motivated than others. They not only motivate themselves but they also motivate others and are more successful in achieving their goals. Individuals such as students who stay motivated are also able to provide online college essay writing services.

Be more approachable and social

People who tend to have high emotional intelligence show more tolerance to other people emotions and come off as more approachable and social. They try to understand and are good at communication. Being good at interacting with other people and learning how to talk in different situations is a good start to having higher emotional intelligence.

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