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how to make a forum in Moodle?

how to make a forum in Moodle?

Author: bulent dos

The objective of this lesson is to teach students how to add a forum in Moodle.

Discussion forums are great communication and collaboration tools that teachers could use. Moodle is a learning management system which is open source and supports many languages. Moodle forums can be used in e learning, blended learning, flipped classroom etc..

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how to add forum to Moodle?

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how to make a forum in Moodle?

how to make a forum in Moodle?

Forum in Moodle

Forum is a discussion place of students in Moodle LMS. Students have the opportunity to discuss lesson or the other things asynchronously in that forum so they communicate outside the classroom. Also teachers can be moderator or participant in that forums. Forums develop the communication skills of students and peer learning.