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How to make Chicken Stock

How to make Chicken Stock

Author: Sean Hadley

Students will be able to clean and cut vegetables

Students will be able to properly prepare chicken

Students will be able to make chicken from scratch

Students will know how to use seasoning.

Students will learn about different types of stocks

In this lesson students will learn how to properly clear and prepare ingredients. They will also learn how to prepare chicken stock from scratch. 

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Prior to class

Students looked at textbook (ipad App-The Photo Cookbook-Quick & Easy ), prior to coming to class which shows the recipe and steps necessary to creating chicken stock with images. 


The purpose of this video is to engage the students in the days lesson with a "chef" most people have watched.


Students will get in pairs and need to recall from memory the steps to make chicken stock. Students will create a document in a table format where they will need to find an image representing each step along with what must be done for that step.  Once completed students will email the document to the teacher. 

Chicken stock quiz

Students will take a short quiz on to test their knowledge on preparing chicken stock.



Students are to research different types of stocks and the main differences between them.