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How to Make Games - Part 1

How to Make Games - Part 1

Author: Mike Petty

To provide some general tips and questions for generating and developing ideas for games


The emphasis is on traditional board and card games, but the ideas could apply to digital games.

This first presentation in the series introduces the idea of a game design notebook.  Tips are given for ways to find ideas or think of ideas.  

Questions and direction is given for developing those ideas to the point where the game will be ready for a prototype, testing and possible publication.  Those final stages will be addressed in more detail in subsequent lessons.

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Presentation from Educreations

This presentation was created in Educreations for the iPad. It introduces some general tips and questions that will help generate and develop ideas for games.

Source: Created by Mike Petty

Sites for continued study

Boardgame Geek - This is a great place to start learning about the many games that are already out there.

Interview with Kory Heath - This is an interview with Kory where he talks about several aspects of game design including his method for generating ideas (which I referred to in the lesson).

Protospiel Articles - Several articles that I wrote or worked on with other game designers involved with the Protospiel game designers convention.