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How to Make Your Mobile App Review Stand Out

How to Make Your Mobile App Review Stand Out

Author: Sam Cherry

Mobile App Reviewers get a lot of requests for reviews. How to make your mobile app review stand out from the rest is simple, give the reviewer a few free copies of your app for their readers. Here’s how to go about this for the iPhone and Android.

For the iPhone

In the subject of your e-mail  request put “Name of Your App – # Free Promo Codes for Your Readers”. A good number to include is 3 to 5 codes.

For the Android

Use the same subject as the iPhone example but instead of “Promo Codes” put something like “Free Apps” or “Free on Appstore Download”. So your e-mail subject can say:

“Name of Your App – # Free Apps for Your Readers”

“Name of Your App – # Free Copies of the App for Your Readers”

For the iPhone, list the promo codes in your e-mail. For the Android, send the reviewer a few APK files with installation instructions to give away to their readers. Or tell the app reviewer to tell their readers that the first 5 people to e-mail them with their Google ID gets a free copy. They will then need to purchase your app so you can cancel their order from their Google ID that the App Reviewer sends to you 2 days after their purchase.

In the review the App Reviewer will most likely indicate in the title that the review includes free promo codes or free copies of the app. This increases views of the review and gives you even more exposure plus a few lucky readers get a free app. So basically it’s a win/win for all of you.

Remember, keep your review requests short, simple and to the point.

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