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How to manage your time

How to manage your time

Author: Jenny Humble

Some students may have studied recently, but for others it may have been many years since you were a student. Other students will be used to learning in a classroom setting where the teacher gives you the knowledge. Self-study will require a new way of working for most of you. Some students will need to learn new IT skills about how to access moodle, or to read and write in a different language.

It is important that you give yourself protected time that you can commit to studying – with no distractions. Some people may find it useful to have regular periods every day when they study, so that their work colleagues/friends/families know that they should not interrupt them if possible.

Find a schedule that works for you. If you have a little spare time each day, then do a little reading throughout the week and draft your first discussion post. If you have a big block of time on a weekend, use that to read more resources and to respond to other questions and post questions on the discussion forum and find out how long is the sat test. Keep involved with discussions, and use the discussion boards to read up on or ask questions about any topic you want more information on.

Out of respect to tutors and fellow students, if you are going to be unable to participate in a discussion, then you should explain why in advance. Equally, if you have to post late, then that is ok, but explain to others why and apologise.

The most important point is that you tell your Student support officer and your tutor if you are finding it hard to study. Remember, there are different options open to you – eg you may decide to stop studying and re-enrol for the next semester, or you may want to discuss you study plan and how to manage your time. A small study group (eg your Student support group in students corner) of friends can help you focus and stay motivated.

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